WWE Reaction to Mixed Match Challenge

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The Mixed Match Challenge with the WWE came to a close as the finals took place. For the WWE, it is time to head back to the office and review the tournament and review the match results and see how they played out to determine if this should be a returning event.

The Reasoning Behind the Idea

The purpose of the Mixed Match Challenge was one that, for the most part, got mixed reactions. For many, including this writer, there was little desire to purchase the Pay Per View event for fear of being disappointed.

The reality is, overall, I am not a fan of the WWE and prefer other physical sports, but in order to write his article, I had little choice but to watch the challenge and report on it. For me, I wasn’t really interested in the thought of watching mixed matches as. They would not be as exciting as other WWE tournaments, and it just lacked the usual gimmick and hype associated with the WWE. Sure, we all know the wrestling is stages, I man who could handle having a 250lb man leap from five feet in the air and land on their chest only to get up and smash the offender into obviation. Still, many seem to love the sport, and there is little to deny that the athletics that the wrestlers possess are on-par with those in the NFL and NHL.

However, the idea was at first to be an all-women’s tournament and for the most part, considering the near 80% male audience that would have been a better way to go. However, as the hope was to generate charitable donations to a variety of organizations, they chose to go with mixed instead with hopes of generating more revenue – an honourable choice if you ask me.

Live Video on Facebook

The purpose to this side of the event was to use Facebook as a revenue generating model for the charities that the WWE planned to donate to. As a rule, this was an excellent idea as those using the platform could click a link to make a donation. Facebook without a doubt has a global audience, as does the WWE, and the feeling was it would draw an increase in viewership and was a good platform for alternative ways to view the event versus the usual television networks like Fox.

While a good experiment in principle, it failed to generate the views the WWE hopes to garner. The reality is, the first of the matches saw viewership at just over 135,000, and that plunged to just over 90,000 the week after and by the 3rd week, and viewership was down by 50%. The totals went up slightly with matches as the finals neared, but not nearly meeting the expectations of the WWE.