WWE is waiting to fire brute wrestler

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Richard “Rich” Swann (born February 15, 1991) is an American professional wrestler contracted with WWE Raw. He once was a former champion .

Rich Swann’s career at WWE will end as soon as the wrestler is convicted from the court.
In December last year, WWE village were angry about the Rich Swan incident, former WWE cruiserweight champion brutalized with his wife Vannarah Riggs.

According to a police report, Swan had fierce arguments when evaluating the performance of his wife (female wrestler Su Yung) on ​​the previous her performance. Su Yung feared that the controversy would last no longer, so she got out of the car. Swann chased after her, telling her to go back to the car, but she still did not go in and finally Swann had to force her to get her into the car. According to a witness, after getting in the car, Su Yung hit the car window while shouting for help. In addition, the first witness said that Su Yung looked very afraid of Rich Swann and wanted to stay away from him.

Swan’s actions were contributed to to illegal crimes and human detention illegally. It is known that brutal wrestlers are “staying” in prison in Gainesville, Florida.

n Florida, illegal detention is a type of crime of level 3. The penalty may be five years in prison plus a fine of £ 3,700. Meanwhile, fights are ranked level 1 and punishment is 1 year imprisonment or 12 months probation, accompanied by 750 euros fine.
In a recent meeting with The Wrap, Triple H – former wrestler and vice president of talent recruitment of WWE, he will dismiss Swann as soon as he is sentenced.

“We are just waiting for the official results. We have a zero-tolerance policy on issues related to domestic violence. Therefore, Swann will be banned from acting until the case is clarified. “Triple H shared.

“If he is condemned, he will be fired,” McMahon said, the wife of Triple H.