Wrestling USA (WWE) is real or performing?

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Wrestling USA (WWE) today is not strange to young people. The question about this kind of sport  is that Is this fighting real or just performing? When watching the wrestlers fight each other fiercely and continuously for hours, from the ring and even off the ring. There seems to be no rule at all, even using tools to fight like chairs, tables, ladders, … Sometimes they are fighting and the other one bleeding, fainting. Are they really fighting in real life?

Professional wrestling is a form of wrestling. Unlike other competitions, it is not important in professional wrestling to win or lose, because the winner is the script writer (called “booker”). However, the “booker” only decides who will win. The “booker” decides “superstar” A will win the “superstar” B clearly, or win by cheating, or someone help, etc. Wrestlers have a way to end the fight, for example, John Cena with Attitude Adjustment or Shawn Michaels with “SCM” (Sweet Chin Music). Once the wrestlers have used their own technique, they will perform “Pin Fall” (count to 3) to win. Victory can also be obtained by using “submission”. “The Ankle Lock” by Kurt Angle is called a “submission”.

These moves of them often seem dramatic , but when struck, the wrestlers use tricks to protect the opponent from injury. When a professional wrestler pretends to be hurt after being hit, it is called “sell a move”. In professional wrestling there can be no wrestling, only “character”, each “character” trying to create their own appearance, different personality, and have to register different “tactics” to avoid duplication. While boxing, athletes practice skills to hurt each other, professional wrestlers practice skills to help each other, and protect each other during the performance to avoid injury. Because acting is the important skill of the professional wrestler, some wrestler stars have been invited to film, such as Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena … However, no matter how much training. Accidents can still happen, such as the accident of Owen hart in 1999 killed him in the game.

Reading until this line, You now find out if American wrestling is real or not. Although it is a play, American wrestling still gives us a sense of attraction and drama, making the audience feel like they are watching a long action movie with dramatic details.