Wresting in Japan- land of the rising sun

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In Japan, professional wrestling is called as “puroresu” which is originated from a shorthand of the Japanese pronunciation for pro wrestling in English.

In general, puroresu or another name professional wrestling in the land off the rising sun is one of the huge markets of wresting. It started developing strongly in the middle of 1880s when wresting became ritualistic to work in Japan.  We could check some famous wrestler who worked in Japan like: Andre, Hogan, Sting, Hart, Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar, Angle. Even Gotch and Stan Hansen have made their entire career with pro wresting in Japan. Many of the wresting greats made their name in WCW and WWE in Japan so they gave great stories as well valuable experience for new generation in this nation.

Compared to pro wrestling in the United States or Mexico which are home of this sport, the Japanese professional wrestling is lighter on theatrics. It means they don’t focus so much about performance. They give real emotion and exercise so spectators feel comfortable and happy when they see the Japanese wresting shows.

Nowadays, Japan is considered as a home to host several countless wrestling tournaments in the world under various degrees of styles, level and other influences.

Although wrestling is considered as one the hottest industry which is a popular form of entertainment in  Japan, it was eclipsed for many years because of the rise and strong spread of manga and animation. However, Japanese business has changed in policies to comeback wrestling as a famous sport besides other traditional sports like: sumo

Actually, pro wrestling has been popular recently in Japan. Rikidozan is a former sumo wrestler then he also switched to pro-wrestling. Nowadays he is considered as the father of Japanese pro wrestling with many contributions for wresting career in this nation. Via his story, we know that wresting has magical power as well interest to enjoy in this land of the rising sun