With ‘Bumblebee’, former wrestler John Cena affirmed his position in Hollywood

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John Cena tasted enough glory during the 20 years of sticking to wrestling at the WWE. At 1.85 m high, weighing 114 kg, he was a superstar of the WWE ring. For more than 10 years, he is not only the face of WWE’s representative, but also a superhero who always stands before every challenge, winning every opponent.

Cena won a total of 25 WWE championship titles. In 20 years of competition, he played 2,215 matches. But his strength is limited, even as a athlete, Cena is tired. His WWE career can only last that long.

As an amateur in Hollywood, Cena is always looking forward to learning. “I was successful in WWE because I always learned and changed. I always thought that the people around me were smarter than me. That is the same in the movie industry. I always listen to everyone’s opinions, ”he affirmed.

“I always tell the directors not to hesitate to correct me, because I’m not a professional actor. Please keep saying that I’m acting bad and need to change, just tell me straight away what I need to do, “Cena said.

The directors are also very pleased with Cena. “I really like him. He is very hard at learning, always doing what I ask. When he felt that he couldn’t act as expected, he called or texted me, said sorry and promised to do better, “director Kay Cannon revealed.
According to Men’s Journal, Hollywood success came to Cena not only because of his humor. The famous former wrestler is also a determined person who always tries his best in his work. To prepare for a piano photo shoot, Cena decided to spend 50 hours playing piano and finally knew how to play.

With what Cena did, it was time to call him a star in Hollywood. It would be no surprise if the former wrestler’s acting career continued to take off.