Two top WWE stars will not come to WWE Super Showdown

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Saudi Arabia will be where the WWE Super ShowDown takes place. However, this year the even will not have a chance for Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens to take part in.

This year, the event will take place in Jeddah on Friday, June 7th. This is the second time Daniel Bryan declined going to WWE Super Showdown. For the WWE’s first great show The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, Bryan has first joined in in last April. However, last November, he declined going to the Crown Jewel event in Riyadh due to some signals of racism in this event of WWE, regarding the absence of Sami Zayn, who has an Syrian ancestry.

In the case of Kevin Owen, he will skip this event for two weeks.  Thus, this is a chance for Dolph Ziggler to face the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Although the booking of Ziggler is the last-minute decision, it was still a good luck. Previously, this star was already booked for the OZ Comic-Con in Australia that weekend. Only right before SmackDown, Ziggler was announced about his absence in Comic-Con and instead, he will attend the WWE’s match with Kofi Kingston. Currently, there is still no replacement for him to be announced.

The reason for Owens’ absence of this event is still kept as a secret. Many people believe that it can be related to the situation of his best friend Zayn. Before the decision this year, Owens already attended the Greatest Royal Rumble last April. Nonetheless, last November, he was injured in the Crown Jewel event.

John Cena also refused to work Crown Jewel. In fact, he is not scheduled for this year WWE’s event. For WWE fans who may not know, this event will take place on June 7th in Jeddah, at the King Abdullah International Stadium.