Top WWE Stars That Will Never Make A Return

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It is widely agreed upon by fans of wrestling from around the world that an unexpected return of a superstar that is loved across the globe will instantly send goosebumps down their spines, providing a truly iconic moment for the sport. However, for those that want to see a beloved wrestler make a return to the ring, should not get their hopes up on following stars as they are highly unlikely to be seen again in the ring.

AJ Lee

AJ Lee is a former Divas Champion and started the women’s revolution is wrestling thanks to her #Givedivasachange movement on Twitter. She’s also considered one of the most talented female wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring in a very long time. She initially started her career in NXT but was eventually called upon to appear in the spotlight at WWE. She also had several love storylines with Kane, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, and others.

She went on to win the Divas Title three times and had exceptional skills in the ring during her prime. Once her partner, CM Punk, departed, she decided to follow in his footsteps. We don’t think AJ Lee will be back for several reasons, especially when you consider her new career opportunities and her husband that is also not part of WWE anymore.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore

After sexual assault allegations, Enzo Amore lost his WWE contract even though he was the Cruiserweight champion at the time. Enzo managed to provide his innocence and made it clear that wrestling was not the only thing he could do. He has since produced a rap song and is always looking to do more. However, Big Cass was mysteriously released from WWE after losing twice to Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately, wrestling fans will never see this duo again as WWE is more prone to give new wrestlers a chance.

Gail Kim

Gail Kim had a tremendous amount of talents when she was wrestling at WWE. The women’s division has never been more legitimate or better, making this the perfect opportunity for her to make a stunning return. However, Gail Kim has previously stated that she’ll never sign with WWE again. Following budget cuts, Gail was released where she went on to enjoy a stint at TNA before she decided to resign with Vince. Unfortunately, her second run proved to be unsuccessful, and she once again left the company.

CM Punk

When CM Punk made his departure from WWE, it marked one of the most bitter and chaotic quitting/firing/releases since Bret Hart. Additionally, CM Punk and WWE battled it out in court which further burned the bridges for him to return to the ring. CM punk also recently stated that although he won’t participate in the UFC, after his departure from WWE, he is not done with fighting by a long shot. He and his partner AJ Lee will never be seen at WWE again.