Top the best WWE wrestlers of all time

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WWE is the main league which collects many professional wrestler all over the world. Over its history in championships yearly, the WWE has brought the greatest wrestlers, the greatest athletes and the greatest entertainers for millions of audience.

Who is the top WWE wrestlers of all time? Who is voted the most? Here is the top best WWE superstar I am collecting before 2019. Some wrestlers are popular and famous in society whereas some athletes scarify their career for strong growth of wrestling.

1/ Hulk Hogan

He is well known in wrestling booms of the 1980s and 1990s with series of achievements and awards. Sure that he is the first name automatically reminded when people think about wrestling. Because he is also famous for wrestling and movie filed.

2/ The Rock

Although he only spent a short time for wrestling, he reached countless awards in other leagues. Then he moved to movie career. He became a good star in Hollywood with critical and commercial success. He was a great movie producer for series of action and family movies.

3/ Steve Austin

He is called a nickname “Stone Cold”. His performance captivated the wrestling fans in the global. So his T-shirt was sold the best in wrestling history.

Also like Hulk Hogan and The Rock, Austin used his fame in wrestling to join in both movies and guest star on some television shows.


4/ Vince McMahon

He is representative for the WWE for non-wrestling fans. He joined to start in promotional advertising or several television shows.

5/ Andre the Giant

He was regarded as the 8th World Wonder because of his body and talent.

He had ever become a movie star in a movie named The Princess Bride. Via the first actor, he has become famous by a captivated wrestler.