Top Gripping Facts About Wrestling

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Wresting has become the oldest sport in the world. The fun fact about professional wrestling is making available scripts before and wrestler doesn’t want to maim and injure each other.

This article will discuss some facts that you should know about the wonderful and wacky professional wrestling.

1/ One collision in Korea

This is the largest live professional wrestling event organized in surprising venue in 1995. Wrestling promotion belongs to American WCW then moving to Japan for Japanese promotion NJPW. Not stopping at there, this event continued to Pyongyang, North Korea in 2 days. This event was called Collision.

In average, there are 150,000 people to join the event per day.

2/ Blading

Some people have positive thought when wrestlers were bleed, they used fake blood to make color with viewers. The fact that it is actually real blood of wrestlers.

The use of blading has recently prohibited in pro wrestling because there are many risks for health of athlete.

When the match, wrestler has problem about bleeding, the referee will immediately stop to cure until the blood can be cleaned up, the match continues. It’s better than wrestler.

3/ Kayfabe

Kayfabe is philosophical principle to guide and instruct for professional wrestling. It means illusions and tricks for athlete to follow up as professional secrets.

This principle helps wrestler to fight with love and sharing, even the another is rival.

4/ The Masks of Lucha Libre

In pro wrestling, the masks are authentic aspect of lucha libre. It plays an important role in wrestler’s identity.

Almost wrestlers in Mexico use special masks in the competition, even in appearance with the public they always wear it as a necessary accessory.

As the general list, if one of wrestler is loser, he has to put off the mark and accept a new character or identity from the viewers or referee.