Top Gripping Facts About Wrestling

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Have you ever tried one time for wrestling? From the long period, wrestling has been become one of the oldest sport in the world. So it owns a huge fan from many nations. Furthermore, there are many championships as well events would be hold every year. Some people consider that professional wrestling has an athletic excellence of sports with the dramatic brilliance of athletes and promoters.

This article will check list top gripping facts about wresting as introduction detail about wresting.

5/ Pro Wrestling from Japan

The human usually set Japan in mind with nickname “the Land of the Rising Sun. In this nation, puroresu is replaced name of wresting.

When reminded about puroresu, people will think about pro wrestler with hard hitting and strong strikes. Although wresting theatrics are not the most concern in Japan, a few organizers are trying to change this case so that they want to attract almost wrestling in the world to Japan and admire puroresu themselves.

Rikidōzan has been regarded as Father of Puroresu. Before starting the career with the pro scene, he had intended to pursue in sumo. After debating big competitors from UK like Lou Thesz, Freddie Blassie, he became a huge star in wrestling history of Japan. He brought victory and international awards to the Japanese.

6/ The Ironman Heavy-metal weight Championship

Dramatic Dream Team is a famous wrestling advertising which always notice about the coming events. But it becomes strange because it only focuses on wrestler gimmicks and wacky matches. They spend so much time to make a full list of winners of the Ironman Heavy-metal-weight Championship.

Do you believe or not when the prestigious title has been given to some special animals or inanimate objects such as a ladder or star. They want to assure that everything can become a winner of wrestling, even “invisible” thing. Because wrestling is amazing and wonderful.