Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time

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Wrestling is considered as one of the oldest combat sports. Along the length of history, several cave paintings were found to describe people wrestling for sport in France in  15 thousand years ago. In the middle ages, wrestling became one of the most famous sports in Japan and France where Royal families were interested and prior to wrestlers.

Until nowadays, wrestling is still a popular sport all over the world. Here is top 10 greatest wrestler of all time. They have reached rewards and achievements in a professional wrestling championships like World Heavyweight Championship (WWWF), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), WWF Intercontinental Champion or WCW United States Champion so on.

  1. Bruno Sammartino

He came from Italy then arrived in America to develop his career. As other wrestlers in the same period, his wrestling style is mat-oriented. In 1960s, he always ranked top in the world of wrestling because he had physically power and strong willingness. He made himself become target to overcome challenges for other wrestlers.

  1. Bret Hart

He is a retired professional wrestler from a family of wrestlers. He is the second generation wrestler so when he was young, he has opportunities to access to wrestling as his childhood.

In the 90s, Bret Hart is regarded as the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. He distributed his position in the revolution wrestling industry and brought more athletic spirit to the ring for all wrestlers.

The debut is the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1978. During his wrestling career, he reached a seven-time world champion and became a general manager of Raw.

  1. Buddy Rogers

He has a official name as Herman Gustav Rohde Jr whereas Buddy Rogers is a friendly nickname from the fan.

He not only reached achievements in pro championships, but also inspired to wrestlers’ generations after him about experience, difficulties and challenge.