The Top Five Most Dangerous Moves in Pro Wrestling

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Wresting is one of the most popular sports in the world which has existed and developed in many years. Wresters in fights to show their strength, power as well talent to react with fast situations. The fact that wrestling always brings injury and accident for both winner and loser. It is granted one of the most dangerous sport because of serious result for wrestlers.

This article will share top five most dangerous moves in pro wrestling. Through our discussion, you can see clearly about difficult and scarification of wrestlers after perfect fights for spectators.

1/ Moonsault

Moonsault is a dangerous move which wrestler skip a backflip off the ropes. This move is very easy to take action during the wrestling but it can cause dangerous accidents for opponent. The fact that skipping a rope was practiced in many years then opposed by all pro wrestlers because of its danger. Recently it has been warmed up.

For an instance, the 450 and shooting star expressed moosault move then caused a bad of shooting star press in the WWE history for this past decade. Finally, Cavo was knocked out on the land when his knee faced up with it seriously.

 2/ Stun Gun

Another case use rope but it is draping on the ropes. Once an opponent is running toward another wrestler, he will grab his opponent in a position as the spinebuster setup. But replacing dropping it on opponent’s back, wrester will fall back draping to the ropes objectively. As the bad consequence, stunning gun can make opponent be hurt badly which can cause serious injuries about teeth or knee.

When one wrestler takes this move, he determines that he can defeat opponent and cause injuries badly without caring claims or risk later.