The Top Five Most Dangerous Moves in Pro Wrestling

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Pro wrestling always brings interest and amazing for both wrestler and spectators. Behind the sense, wrestlers have to face many accidents and injuries. In some serious cases, they can’t continue to fight for the next wrestling match.

In the article, we will share top the five most dangerous moves when pro wrestlers are in fights. Almost moves are dangerous and can cause serious accidents for opponent.

3/ Powerbomb

The fact that powerbomb move has been prohibited to practice for any wrestling match to protect survival for all players. This action means that the opponent will be dropped from six feet or more higher or straight to his back strongly.

In overall, this move is extremely dangerous when it’s hard to control weight of body or any action to keep balance when he is dropped from six feet straight to ground powerfully. Its move can cause dangerous accidents about leg or arm.

4/ Chair shots to the head

This move relates to chair shots. As consequences, it is also an illegal move for any pro wrestling match. Chair shots to the head means that wrestler uses chairs as the head shots then attract opponent terribly. This move is really strong, hard and can cause a concussion.

The WWE has ever tested about consequence of concussion from chair shots. Then they decide to eliminate it in wrestling.

 5/ Piledriver

This move has been ever popular in wrestling but now it losses the place because of list bad accidents for wrestlers. Someone becomes notorious if they use it on purpose. Therefore, not many guys apply the piledriver anymore.

Actually there are many serious accidents happened before because they applied piledriver move in wrestling. Some wrestlers faced terrible hurts for knee, butt and even head.