The most brutal wrestling moves have been banned over the years

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When something goes wrong, it is important to make changes and that’s why WWE has banned certain wrestling moves over the years. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous below. 

The Punt

Once a brutal statement of Randy Orton’s offence, due to concussion awareness, the Punt was banned in 2012.

Although obviously, the Viper was never actually booting his opponents in the face at full force but it may be the correct decision made by WWE to ban a move that promotes anything of the sort. 

The Pedigree

The Pedigree is one that is evolved over the years. It is still Triple H’s finisher and has been used by Seth Rollins. However, it’s not the same move as it once was.

The original version of triple H’s Pedigree was banned by WWE after some isolated incidents and the wrestler delivering the move releases their opponent’s arms well before impact.

That makes their arms to hit the mat first, preventing the possibility of the head and neck slamming into the floor at a high speed.

The Vertebreaker

Shane Helms is the man credited with popularizing The Vertebreaker in WWE and WCW and it is one of the most dangerous-looking moves in professional wrestling.

According to, perfect timing is required to prevent injury, and the margin for error is incredibly thin because you can’t directly see the wrestler you are performing the move on.

It is not surprising that WWE banned the move instantly and it is not one that fans are begging to bring back.

The Burning Hammer

Invented in Japan, this move was brought over to WWE by Tyler Reks. Considered as one of the most dangerous ever, the company made him use a watered-down version – as some other Superstars have been allowed to do.

Tyler Reks’ Burning Hammer was more of an inverted Attitude Adjustment and was scrapped after a backstage altercation with John Cena having forced him to change his finisher.