Sporty people may love the fact about The origin of wrestling

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Wrestling originated from ancient Greece, where wrestling was used to train soldiers and exercise daily.

Since then, wrestling has changed dramatically. This is the oldest antagonistic sport recorded in world history and today there are more than 1,000 different types of wrestling. Many unique types of wrestling are found in many countries around the world.

Wrestling is one of the first antagonistic sports that ancient Greeks competed in the Olympic Games in 708 BC. Before 704 BC, the Greeks only viewed wrestling as part of the content of the five subjects. However, according to some evidence, wrestling may have existed for a long time. The drawings found in the cave show that wrestling appeared from 3000 BC in Sumero-Akkadian civilization to 2400 BC in ancient Egypt. In the first ancient Olympics in Greece, wrestling was the last competition that athletes had to compete. Along with mathematics and language rules, wrestling is also considered an official teaching in ancient Greece.

Wrestling is also very popular with ancient Romans. However, the Romans chose wrestling style less brutal than the Greeks. Amateur wrestling continued to exist throughout the Middle Ages in England, France and Japan. European settlers in the United States, as well as Native Americans, began practicing wrestling. The first national wrestling championship in the United States was held in 1888 and continued until the early 1900s. The most popular style of wrestling was the Greco-Roman wrestling. There are also other styles such as Iceland’s Glima wrestling, the British Cumberland wrestling and Switzerland’s Schwingen wrestling style.

The 1896 Olympic Games was the first modern Olympics to recognize wrestling as an official competitive sport and since 1920, wrestling has become a part of the Olympics by using free wrestling style. and Greco-Roman. Freestyle wrestling was popular during the 19th and 20th centuries. Unlike Greco-Roman wrestling only uses the upper part of the body, free wrestling allows the opponent to use their legs and hold the lower part of the waist.