Russia win two golds in a sporting day of wrestling

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On 9th day of the Young olympic games 2018, it’s surprising when two athletes in Russia win wrestling golds. They are Akmedkhan Tembotov and Sergei Kozyrew who own at the 80Kg and 110Kg categories accordingly. They reach total two gold medal.

Firstly, discussion the hero- Sergei Kozyrew. In the morning, he is really excellent when he beats Hayato Fujita who comes from Japan with 13-2 score then Vladyslav Ostapenko coming from Ukrainian with 10-5 score. After 2 winning times, he is confident to join the final wrestling match by standing ovation from the crowd. To give thanks to Russia royal spectators, he has a overwhelm final match. His competitor is Almendra wrestler who is from Argentina. He excellently defeats him and achieve valuable gold medal of the contest. One admiring that he lifts his opponents arm in the end of competition fairly. All viewers in this space feel happy before friendliness among wrestlers.

Secondly, the talent of Akmedkhan Tembotov. He starts a wrestling day smoothly with defeating Guam’s Gavin Stefan Sablan Whitt with 4-0 scores and Algeria’s Oussama Laribi with 5-4 victory then receive an official ticket to the final match of 80Kg category. During 4 years of practise patiently, this result is so sweet with Tembotov. As soon as finishing the match, he is moving and happy to share emotion as well thoughts about wrestling profession.

According to the history of wrestling competitions, this is the first time since Russia have two successive gold medals. Thanks technical superiority and powerful willingness to reach victory for their nation, both Russia wrestler have impressive and emphatic performance. Actually, Russia is not home of wrestling. So not many people like and approve widen. When some athletes reach success, they can inspire to others about power of wrestling and sports with the human life.