Revealed secrets on the WWE stage of American wrestling

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What is WWE?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly Titan Sports), which was founded on February 21, 1980. WWE is a company works in the fields of entertainment, sports and mass media.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the president of the company and his wife Linda McMahon is executive director. According to Forbes, the estimated property value of Vicent McMahon was $ 1.26 billion in February 2017.

McHahon owns $ 84 million worth of WWE shares and has pursued a political path. However, the race to the Republican Senate failed, causing the couple to lose $ 100 million in campaign money. She was also elected by President Donald Trump to work for him.
Their son, Shane McMahon, is now vice president in charge of global communications and their daughter Stephanie McMahon-Levesque serves as vice president. The McMahon family holds about 70% of WWE’s interests and 96% of the shares.

Wrestling matches are the company’s primary business activity, and WWE is also the place keeping the data of wrestling matches from around the world. These matches bring millions of dollars to the McMahon family each year. Not only in the US, it is also popular in other countries such as Japan.

Terms in WWE

Each male wrestler is referred to as a “superstar”, a female called a “diva”. Wrestlers have a way to end the fight, such as John Cena with Attitude Adjustment or Tripple H with “Pedigree”.

Once the wrestlers have used their own moves, they will proceed to the “Pin fall” (override the opponents count to 3) and if the opponent counts for 3 minutes, the victory will be theirs.

The WWE was split into two major divisions: RAW and Smack Down with the champions and the ‘power’ belt of each stage.

In order to win the championship, you have to get through the WWE Board of Directors’s requirement. If you are quallified, you have the chance to challenge the champion, defeat the champion and become the new king.