Reports about Alberto Del Rio talks with WWE

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Alberto Del Rio was a former WWE Champion with many outstanding achievements in his career such as 4 times for WWE champion, one winner for money in the Bank contract officially so on. In addition, he was the last wrestler to join in the biggest royal match all the time. By his talent and success, Alberto Del Rio was a four-time World Champion, a Money in the Bank contract winner and the last man in the ring of the biggest Royal Rumble match of all time. Hnae expressed that his polarity and success thanks effort and hard working.


In the last week, all spectators always were surprising and hopeful when he said that he already would come back WWE championship soon. This notice was publicized on several link on Cayó La Noche in Mexico. This pro wrestler also assured that he had ready a talk with WWE foundation about this return. But he didn’t disclose the exact time he came back. He only quoted that as soon as possible, he would register one WWE season and raised his hand to welcome audience.

More detail about Alberto, after the WWE champion in the summer 2016, he was retired under several similar claims. But he wants to return new WWE season in 2020 with some negotiation which can make more benefits for WWE. He also made a speech slowly in his report.

After Alberto’s report, WWE confirmed that no one in management team contacted and talked with him about his return. That there is no return of Alberto for the season in 2020. Because Albert made reputation badly in wrong ways.

Their confirmation also was posted on Twitter. Actually, audiences are listening conflicts news about return or not of Alberto Del Rio. It also makes confusing for any reader to absorb wrestling news.