“Million dollar arm” will become the next monster in WWE?

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Coming to the American professional baseball tournament by winning the “Million Dollar Arm” prize, former 29-year-old Rinku Singh has just entered a new professional wrestling adventure.

According to ESPN.com’s first report, former baseball handler Rinjku Singh will go to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla (Performance Center is the official address for WWE-PC professional wrestling school) this Tuesday. , where he will start practicing full-time in his quest to become an upcoming big star at WWE.

At 1.90m high and approximately 120kg, Rinku Singh – left-handed player from Bhadohi, India is ready to show himself at the WWE PC. Rinku Singh signed with Pittsburg Pirates to become the first Indian baseball player of Major League Baseball. In April 2017, he was one of 40 male and female athletes from India and the Middle East invited to attend a WWE competition at the Opera House in Dubai. There, he impressed the coaches and lecturers of the PC and won the contract to develop at WWE.

Singh realizes that getting from a pitcher to a wrestling corner is his biggest test, but he is confident of his abilities. “See where I come from,” he told WWE.com. “When I started playing baseball, there was nothing in our country. Now we have 23 Indian states playing baseball and softball. When I go on a journey at PC and WWE, it will continue to make things easier, and I have millions of supporters at my side.
“As long as I stay focused and keep my strength, just like I had in the past 10 years with baseball or on the pitch …, that will take me in the right direction,” he said. “Clearly [at WWE PC], it will be a completely different training program. But it does not matter where you come from. You are trying to become something big that surpasses yourself. I have to give it everything I have. “