History of wresting

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Estimated that the first trace of wresting started 5000 years ago. Through time of history, wresting is more popular and interested in many countries. Wresting had been introduced in the first Olympic Games in 1894, including other sports: athletics, rowing, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming, shooting and tennis.

Becoming a professional wresting

France is one of the most famous sports about wresting. Almost people knew about wresting in Folies Bergères and the Casino de Paris. The wresters were known under names like “Edward, the steel eater”, “Gustave d’Avignon, the bone wrecker” or “Bonnet, the ox of the low Alps”.

At the end of the 19th century, professional wrestling was the most popular sports in Europe. These leagues became more professional from the method of organization, regulation to recruiting wrester. Wrestlers overcame the knock-out as a model to young men and the training system. They built up amateur club or training course to make more connections and sharing for wresters.

From this date and encouraged by the International Federation, wrest championships have widened and developed every country under two main type: monopoly of Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling.

After hundreds of years, in Athens Games 2004, worldwide wrestling entered a new era with introduction of female wrestling. This decision made equality in sport and good result for continuous efforts of FILA in the development of female wrestling since the end of the 80s.


During the process of wresting development, there are many memorial moments with records and huge accomplishment.

There are some professional champions of all time made great symbol in wresting history, including Soslan Ramonov (Russia), Hassan Yazdanicharati (Iran), Abdulrashid Sadulaev (Russia), Kyle Snyder (USA) or Taha Akgul (TUR). They reached gold in first attempt in Athens Games or Olympic. Furthermore, they played important role in wresting development and enlargement to other nations in the world.