Five Strength-Based Apps You Can Use in the Gym for Free (part 2)

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3. Keelo

Keelo isn’t totally dedicated to strength training. This app incorporates a fair amount. The pages are clean with challenging workouts.


  • 16 free workouts
  • instructional videos
  • images of equipment needed
  • no popups before workout starts
  • conditioning and strength


  • 16 free workouts
  • more information and workouts unlocked by choosing one of their 3 payment options starting at $11.99 per month
  • only available on iOS devices.

4. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is more geared towards beginners. This is a good option for those who are trying to get into strength training but don’t know how to start. It will help you start with a simple fitness assessment asking where you are fitness-wise, what your goals are, and how often you want to train each week. Based on your goals, Workout Trainer will suggest workouts for you.


  • good for beginners
  • based on your fitness goals
  • easy to see timer, videos and verbal cues
  • many different options for workouts


  • have to create an account
  • pop up ads on free version before workouts begin
  • some programs by personal trainers come at a cost.

5. Jefit

If you like data and analytics, Jefit is the app of your choice. This app offers tons of options, which may be gold to some but overwhelming to others. You can set body goals, record your workouts, track progress photos, add your own exercises, and much more.


  • can pick training location (home, gym, or not sure)
  • way more data intensive
  • good detail in explanation
  • more workouts and training plans than other apps
  • can design your own workout
  • user shared and beginner workouts available for free


  • requires users to sign up and create account
  • cannot watch the whole video if you don’t pay (however, can watch short GIF of it)
  • many paid workouts.