Five Strength-Based Apps You Can Use in the Gym for Free (part 1)

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Strength-based apps are a good assistant to your fitness regimen. These apps are focused on weight lifting and strength training, so before using them, you need to have a basic understanding of moves like planks, squats, push-ups, etc. You also need to ensure you approach each workout with care and consideration and that it is safe for you to exercise and that. Here is a list of top five strength-based apps that you can use in the gym for free.

1. Fitness Point

Fitness Point offers a wide range of movements for users to select from and create their own personalized workout plan. It is simple to use but you need to understand the movements and know which ones can combine together for an effective session.


  • good for people who are experienced with movements but need some variety
  • provides 69 different strength movements you can choose from to compile your own workout
  • good for building your own programming
  • highlights which muscles are worked out with each movement
  • no pop-up ads


  • animations of moves are simple drawings so it’s hard to see intricacies of movements
  • only a few exercises in each category, rest are paid
  • only two sample workouts, rest require upgrade

2. Stronglifts 5×5

Originally being a program, Stronglifts 5×5has been around for some time. When you start the app, you are invited to input your personal data, such as the heaviest weight you have used on things like bench press, deadlift, squat, and others. You can simply leave it blank if you don’t know. Then the app will suggest a starting weight that you can manually adjust if you find it to be too light or too heavy.


  • simple design and usability
  • proper form videos for several moves
  • tracks workout history
  • tracks progress in graph
  • shows you your next workout
  • option to leave workout notes
  • good if you want to focus on strength on a limited number of movements


  • only concentrates on 5 main moves
  • only provides three movements at a time in your workout