Do These Four Exercises If You Want To Become a Stronger Wrestler

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There are many online wrestling programs. Some are good, some are not bad, and some are awful. Here are four exercises that are certainly essential to a wrestlers strength and conditioning program.

1. Pullups

Pullups are a must for any wrestler. Wrestling is a sport of pulling, and pullups are the king of all pulling exercises. They have so many benefits, including grip strength, pulling strength, abdominals, healthy shoulders, and more. You may not win any medals at big tournaments if you’re not doing pullups.

How to: Take a supinated, pronated, or neutral grip on the bar, but not pull your shoulders all the way up to your hands. Lower your whole body down slowly to completely straight arms. Repeat again.

2. Zercher Squats

The Zercher Squat is a badass looking exercise that has great carryover for wrestling. It helps in strengthening the trunk, the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. This exercise is also great for the wrestlers’ biceps and shoulders, which can translate well to the underhook position in wrestling.

3. Deadlifts

Deadlifting is hard. It will make you tired, it may scrape up your shins, and it may humble you. But don’t miss this activity since this is one of the top five lifts for any wrestler. It basically trains every singlemuscle which helps you to become a stronger wrestler. One of the greatest things about a deadlift is that wrestlers can either pick it up or not. Deadlifting is usually considered as the greatest method of strengthening for wrestlers.

4. Thick Implement Training

A strong grip is necessary for those wrestlers who want to be stronger. One of the common misunderstandings of grip strength in the sport of wrestling is that wrist curls are going to cut it. In fact, they won’t. When you wrestle, you will grab a wrist much wider than a barbell. Moreover, it is crucial that you strengthen your thumb. The reason is that this is always what your opponent is going to attach when he tries to escape wrist control.