Braun Strowman has created a storm in Smackdown world

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The WWE United States Championship is a professional wrestling championship. This belt was the championship of the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling. It is now one of the two highest championships in World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE is now considered to be the largest wrestling corporation in the world. WWE also includes a large image gallery that depicts the history of the wrestling industry. Previously Capitol Wrestling Corporation had existed and developed by the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), then the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

Recently, Braun Strowman has made Roman Reigns went to the hospital after a series of stuns in the backstage.
Roman Reigns, who ended his career with the Undertaker at WrestleMania at the age of 33, was sent to the hospital after being attacked by rival Braun Strowman on the back of a RAW show on April 10.

While being interviewed by the MC, Roman Reigns was hit by a surprise attack on his opponent. Samoa’s creatures had to resort to the help of a medical team and an ambulance.

After making his opponent to faint, Braun Strowman was thought to leave, but the 2.03 m tall man came back and attacked Roman unexpectedly. Even a former of Wyatt Familly member turned over a tonne-weight ambulance.

Of course, this sence isset thanks to a pre-set and winding-up and Braun Strowman’s car also need the help of machinery. WWE is trying to build Braun character into one of the most powerful wrestlers in the Raw show.

Aftrer witnessing Braun Strowman attack his oponent, a woman on’s website, asked WWE to dismiss the wrestler in 1983 for being too violent.

The scenarios on the television are scripted but the reaction of the WWE audience is real. Roman Reigns is facing stiff opposition from the audience when they claim that the Samoa wrestler is being pushed (image building) excessively. He is constantly on the WWE winning streak with poor skills in the ring.