10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Wrestle (part 4)

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9. Wrestling provides opportunities to further education

It is unlikely that most wrestlers will get paid much but wrestling can offer an opportunity to earn a scholarship to wrestle in college and further education. When thinking of getting a scholarship to wrestle in college, many people immediately think that division I schools are the only places they can go to get a wrestling scholarship. In fact, there are more opportunities to wrestle in college and get paid for by competing in other divisions, too. Division II, NAIA, and junior colleges also have programs with scholarships. Young wrestlers who are committed to the sport and do their homework about wrestling programs will be able to find a school where they can wrestle at as well as further their education.

10. The sport is fun

In spite of all of the challenges that the sport require, it is so fun and so rewarding to go compete and win. It is a great feeling to have your hand raised at the end of a match. It is also a very satisfying feeling to know that you can work hard, face and overcome challenges, and improve your skills. You know that whatever life throws at you, you will be able to face it and come out okay on the other side.


Wrestling is an amazing sport providing you the opportunity to learn things that will help you throughout your lifetime. Wrestling helps to develop strong bodies and strong minds. It helps you to learn to set and work to achieve goals. If you don’t wrestle, give it a try right now. If you are a parent of youth that don’t wrestle, try to encourage them to try out the sport as soon as possible. They will be forever changed even if they only do it for a short time.