10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Wrestle (part 1)

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Though considered as a brutal sport, in fact, wrestling has a lot of benefits that you may not be aware of. There are the top ten reasons why you should start to learn this sport right now.

It develops basic athletic skills

Wrestling is one of the sports that require a lot of body control. It isn’t enough if you just can run, jump, or throw. Additionally, you also have to be able to use your arms, your legs, your back, your neck, and any other part of your body that you can control to help you to win a game. One of the tips for a good wrestling practice is tumbling in the warm-up.  Although many of us recognize the value of signing kids up in gymnastics, just a few know that there are many tumbling and movements in gymnastics that are parts of wrestling practice. We ensure to spend a portion of every practice on tumbling, particularly with our small athletes. You need to build an athlete before you can turn your kids into a wrestler, not to mention all of the strength, skill, flexibility, and explosiveness that are required to effectively execute a lot of wrestling moves.

It develops mental toughness

To say the least, the training required for wrestling is very intense. During six minutes of a match, you can feel like you are exhausted. Under the pressure of a tough match, your legs can be completely swollen with blood and your back and forearms can be worn out. The intense nature of wrestling requires you to be prepared for everything. You will immediately get trouble if you step on the mat but don’t believe that you can win. You must be mentally strong so that you can be ready to perform under pressure and you must be mentally prepared so that you can push your body beyond what it wants and needs to do.